Edgar Allan Poe & H.P Lovecraft by Abigail Larson

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onebluefield said: Lol, you were worried about this?

I am. Look for a couple of lungs and send them to me.

I see no organs.

I see no organs.

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Active Apparel awesomeness part 2.

Part 1

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Japanese Music Stars To Play One Last Time At Tokyo’s Old Olympic Stadium

Two-night event will include L’Arc-en-Ciel, Sekai no Owari, YUZU, and others.

With plans already underway for a newly revamped National Olympic Stadium, the old stadium—the main site for the 1964 Summer Olympic Games—is scheduled to be demolished in 2015. To say farewell to the old stadium, a two-night “JAPAN NIGHT” concert event is being planned for May 28-29.

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